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All Types Of Surgical Items, Pathological, Imaging and Clinical Machine’s Sales & Supplier.

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All Types Of Surgical Items, Pathological, Imaging and Clinical Machine’s Sales & Supplier.
Common Surgical Items
Common Surgical Items

Common Surgical Items

Common Surgical Items

Sl No
Name of Product
Country of Origin
Pack Size
1 Medi tape 1" JMS 12pcs (Box)
2 Medi tape 2" JMS 6pcs (Box)
3 Ncchipore 1" Japan 12pcs (Box)
4 Ncchipore 2" Japan 6pcs (Box)
5 Canula-18,20,22 JMI Per Pcs
6 Canula-24 JMI Per Pcs
7 Salain Set (Without Butterfly) OPSO Per set
8 Salain Set (With Butterfly) JMI Per set
9 Nasal oxygen cannula child   Per Pcs
10 Microburet set JMI Per Set
11 D&C set AIZ & Co.  pcs
12 Walker   Per Pcs
13 Wheel chair China Per Pcs
14 Bath chair China Per Pcs
15 Amr sling Tynor Per Pcs
16 Respoin chamber Adult Switzerland pkt
17 Anklet Tynor pcs
18 Arm sling   Esha/Others Per Pcs
19 Cervical collar Toshib/Others Per Pcs
20 Hot water bag  N China Per Pcs
21 Hot water bag cover China Per Pcs
22 Hot water bag Electric China Per Pcs
23 First AID box Iris/BD Per Pcs
24 Cotton  Medisafe/Meditax/Others 400g/Roll
25 Cotton Nirapod 50g/Per Roll
26 Cotton Nirapod 200g/Per Roll
27 Cotton Nirapod 100g/Per Roll
28 Cotton  Nirapod 25g/Per Roll
29 Surgical Gloves-6.5"/7" Comfit, Malayasia Pair
30 Surgical Gloves-6.5"/7" DR., Malayasia Pair
31 Surgical Gloves-6.5"/7" UniCare, Malayasia Pair
32 Gloves powder   Per Pkt
33 Knee cap  (Leg) Normal pcs
34 Knee cap  (Hand) Tynor Per Pcs
35 Pop band 4" INDIA Roll
36 Pop band 6" INDIA Roll
37 Arose plaster-4" CHINA Roll
38 Arose plaster-6" CHINA Roll
39 Roll Bandage-4" Doctor Dorzon
40 Roll Bandage-6" BD Dorzon
41 Roll Bandage-4" Nirapod Dorzon
42 Roll Bandage-6" Nirapod Dorzon
43 Soft roll-4" Doctor Roll
44 Soft roll-6" Doctor Roll
45 Soft roll-4" china Roll
46 Soft roll-6" BMH Roll
47 Povicev/100ml ACI Per Pcs
48 Poviclean/1000ml Acme Per Pcs
49 Nebulizer mask   pes
50 Crest Good China Per Pair
51 Crest Normal China Per Pair
52 Stick four leg   Per Pcs
53 Hand Stick   Per Pcs
54 Hand Stick-Glory Glory Per Pcs
55 INR Therapy Phillips Per Pcs
56 Mask Bontal Bontal Box
57 Mask (N) Normal box
58 Savlon ACI Bangladesh 5L/Per Botol
59 Savlon ACI Bangladesh 1L/Per Botol
60 Spatulas Wood   Per Pcs
61 Examination Gloves-M/S/L Comfit 100 Pcs (Box)
62 Examination Gloves-M/S/L Bsafe 100 Pcs (Box)
63 Examination Gloves-M/S/L Vinail 100 Pcs (Box)
64 Examination Gloves-M/S/L Winmad/NC 100 Pcs (Box)
65 Abdominal  belt BD/Others Per Pcs
66 Lumber Crosset belt Daffodil/Others Per Pcs
67 Siger belt Esha/Others pcs
68 Lumber Crosset belt ML size Eash/Others pcs
69 Collar belt Asco Per Pcs