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All Types Of Surgical Items, Pathological, Imaging and Clinical Machine’s Sales & Supplier.

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All Types Of Surgical Items, Pathological, Imaging and Clinical Machine’s Sales & Supplier.
Reagent Items
Pathological items

Reagent Items

Reagent Items

Sl No Name of Product Brand/ Origin Pack Size
1 Albumin, BCG Liner UK 100ml/Per Kit
2 Alk. Phasphate Liner UK 2x50ml/Per Kit
3 Amylase Liner UK 20ml/Per  Vail
4 Bilirubin Total Liner UK 2x100ml/Per Kit
5 Blood Grouping A B D Liner/Others 1 Set
6 Calscium Liner UK 2x50ml/Per Kit
7 Cholestrol Liner UK 100ml/Per Kit
8 Creatinine Liner UK 2x100ml/Per Kit
9 Glucose Liner UK 4x250ml/Per Kit
10 GPT/SGPT/ALS Liner UK 2x50ml/Per Kit
11 HDL Cholesterol Liner UK 1x5ml/Per Kit
12 LDL Cholesterol Liner UK 1x5ml/Per Vail
13 TG (Tri Glyceride) Liner UK 100 ml
14 Total Protine Liner UK 100ml/Per Kit
15 Urea Liner UK 2x50ml/Per Kit
16 Uric Acid Liner UK 2x50ml/Botol
17 Uric Acid Vitro 2x60 ml / Botol
18 SGOT Liner UK 50/100 test
19 Hemoglobin Liner UK 400 TEST
20 Amayles Human 10ml 
21 Bilirubin Total Human 2x100 ml
22 Blood Grouping Human/Tulip 3x10ml
23 Calcium Human 2x100 ml
24 Cholesterol Human 100ml
25 Creatinine Human 2x100 ml
26 Glucose   Human 100/1000 ml
27 GPT Human 50T
28 HDL Chol. Human 2x40ml
29 Hemoglobin Human 10x500ml/Per Vail
30 Hemoglobin Human 2x25 ml
31 Lypes Human 50T, 5ml
32 SGOT Human 50T
33 TG Human 100 ml
34 Uric Acid Human 100ml 
35 Creatinine Plasmateck UK 2X100ml/Per Kit
36 Hemoglobin Plasmateck UK 200ml/Per Kit
37 Glucose Plasmateck UK 4x250ml/Per Kit
38 MT India 5ml/Per Vail
39 HCG/PT Letex  Liner UK 50/100 test
40 ASO Letex  Liner UK 50/100 test
41 Ra Latex Liner UK 50/100 test
42 Ra Latex Forteac 100T/Per Vail
43 CRP Liner UK 50/100 test
44 Widal (TO,TH,AH,BH) Liner UK 5MLx4=1 SeT
45 RPR/VDRL Liner UK 100T/Per Vail
46 ASO Human 100T/Pcs
47 CRP Human 100T/Per Pcs
48 Widal set Human 100 Test
49 RA Human 100T